About me

My name is Olivia, I’m 31 years old and I’m using this blog to talk about tracheomalacia (the weird floppy airway thing) and some of the wider issues around being a relatively young person with a rare, chronic condition. This is because I’m a person who:

  • works in communications, specifically science communication so I’m going to try to ‘practice what I preach’
  • couldn’t find much on Google about tracheomalacia or most of my other conditions
  • loves looking forward, planning and detail – writing about it might help me talk about the future in a constructive way
  • is keen to learn, share, talk, discuss – these will all help me digest and process
  • loves stories and facts so I want to share these along the way
  • wants to share stories and connect with others inn the chronic illness community
Chronic Illness Bloggers
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